Wiring: your home automation solution’s central nervous system.

At the center of your home is the Datasmart-designed centralized home connection center. This is the brains of your system which distributes technology services – environment, security, communication and comfort – throughout your home. The beauty of building your home from the ground up is you can design the infrastructure of your wiring to fulfill your wildest dreams. Think: TV’s in your bathrooms. Music in your garage. Security monitors at your front and back doors. You get the idea.

The home connection center brings telephone, cable TV, satellite and Internet services into your home and distributes them throughout the house. It also lets you choose what rooms will have what services and at what time. You may not want your infant daughter to have television in her room now, but perhaps when she gets older. Then you can turn it back off when she reaches her teens.

We can design and install low-voltage wiring packages including phone, network and data, home security, indoor and outdoor cameras, audio, home theater with surround sound and high-definition television (HDMI) and intercom systems. Call us and let us get your home wired for control.