We simply connect you with your home. Anywhere. Anytime.

If you ask us what time it is, we won’t tell you how we built the watch. We make home automation simple and easy to understand as well as to operate from both your home or any mobile and tablet device. In short, we put you in control of your home.

Whether it’s adjusting the brightness of your lights, making a room warmer or cooler, feeling peace of mind knowing your family is secure or bringing entertainment to any room of the house, we give you the power to take command of your home.

Home automation technology lets you monitor your security system, adjust lighting, raise or lower your thermostat, and crank up the volume of your home audio/video system. With Datasmart solutions, you can remotely unlock your front door, turn on your air conditioning, arm or disarm your security system and control the music in every room of your home. Enjoy the latest movie on your space-age media room or vacuum your floors with incredible power — all without pulling around a heavy metal cleaner.

It’s all in the wiring. We start with the best wire for home automation infrastructure. We custom fit each wire so that the rack configuration is clean and organized in the back. It’s part of what we call “rack dressing,” a term that describes how your equipment looks from the front and how the wires are labeled and organized in the back.

A clean rack may not mean much to most people, but we think great home automation is a combination of advanced technology and craftsmanship. Not only does it look better, it makes warranty and service troubleshooting easier should something need adjusting or repair.